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This episode of Night Shift, an ITV arts and culture magazine programme, was shown late on 18th January 1996.  It featured an interview with Dan Docherty along with footage of his students shot in a London park.  More info can be found at:

Wudang Video Archive

Tai Chi on ITV

This Wudang Tai Chi clip was one of a set of BBC 'Rhythm & Movement' idents which were used on BBC One from 2002 until 2006. More info can be found at:


BBC Tai Chi Ident.

This is an amateur clip of Tai Chi Heights, the complex built by Cheng Ting Hung as his retirement home and Tai Chi Chuan resource centre.  Tai Chi Heights is located at Cheng Ting Hung’s hometown in Guangdong Province China.

Tai Chi Heights China

An episode of the BBC Breakfast News from April 2008 where Tai Chi and the benefits for diabetes suffers were discussed.  It features an interview with Dan Docherty who is representing the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.  More info can be found at:

Tai Chi on BBC

Tai Chi Chuan Chinese Characters